cardiac risk assessment.


Over the next 12 months nearly 30,000 Australians will die from cardiovascular disease. 9,000 from sudden heart attack.
Many will not even be aware they are at risk.

PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY is offering every Australian a free cardiac risk assessment, plus a convenient and easy way to obtain the data for all your key indicators. It’s a better way to outsmart heart disease and provide real peace of mind for you and your family.

For your online start to a healthy heart, simply send us your name and email address.

"I wish back then I'd known my numbers"

Rob Elliot.
Heart Attack
In 2008 Rob Elliott was a fit 48 year old.

"Physically, and mentally, I felt like I was still in my mid-20s so I never really thought about my health.  I ate well, was in great shape, didn't smoke, and didn't overdo the alcohol." Then, in late August 2008 Rob had been surfing at North Manly; driving home he noticed something wasn't right. From there, Rob can't remember anything except staggering up the stairs to his front door and seeing his wife. "I have vague memories of ambulance staff, but that's it. The next thing I knew, I was in hospital and the doctor was telling me he couldn't believe I'd survived."
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"I wish back then I'd known my numbers"

Heart disease, unlike many other serious diseases, is preventable.

Knowing your numbers for key indicators like cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure and assessing your risk, then taking appropriate action, could mean the difference between a long and happy life or a debilitating stroke or sudden death.

Do you know your numbers? It could save your life!